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Martin Rupf's picture
Martin Rupf
1 day 7 hours ago

The KASIface application is to show how a KAS-variable access can be implemented into a mobile device. This example uses http request in the text format. The programming is done with Java in Android Studio.


The download portion contains:

Ariesta's picture
6 days 23 hours ago

You have just received new KAS installation files consist of KAS IDE installer and PxMM Controller FW. Follow the steps below to upgrade your KAS System to the newer version.

Joe Parks's picture
Joe Parks
1 week 6 days ago

Below are step by step instructions with screenshots on how to integrate a 3rd Party EtherCAT device onto a network with a PDMM or PCMM controller using KAS IDE software. There are also two embedded videos showing how to access all of these parameters in the software. The first video shows the main three steps to integrate a 3rd party device onto the EtherCAT network including importing an ESI file, scanning the network, and mapping program variables to PDO inputs and outputs.

jcoleman02's picture
2 weeks 19 hours ago

If the Console in the Basic programming screen in Workbench will not connect, try rebooting the AKD drive and rebooting the PC.  Also reboot any router or other networking devices that are used between the PC and the drive.