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ChristianJ's picture
11 hours 15 min ago

The AKD supports similiar to the Servostar line a cogging compensation/suppression functionality, which can be used to increase the synchronism of the motor movement.

A detailed description how to use this functionality can be found in the workbench help:

Workbench Help: Cogging compensation


cwontrop's picture
3 days 5 hours ago

The KAS PxMM Controllers contain a built in webserver for access to the PxMM without having to work through the IDE. Functionality include:

ChristianJ's picture
6 days 11 hours ago

In October 2016, an inter-compatibility test was performed together with the company Heidenhain. In this event, the AKD was tested successfully with various types of Heidenhain Endat 2.2 encoders.

The devices tested can be found in this article.'s picture
1 week 4 days ago

Some History: We have been making EtherCAT drives since ~1998. That was before and before the EtherCAT standard. We don’t want to “break” our existing Customers' applications so we kept the same original scaling in the AKD. But the rest of the world has started using EtherCAT and they are following the EtherCAT standard so we implemented a way for the new Customers to use the EtherCAT CoE DS402 standard method of scaling. But!!