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cwontrop's picture
1 week 6 days ago

With KVB, recipe data will get lost when adding/removing tags or changing data types on tags (variables). The following procedure outlines how to save the data for use with the changed layout:

cwontrop's picture
2 weeks 1 day ago

Article   covers encoders with the following formats:


This article covers the differences when setting up an Endat 2.2 Encoder using the same X9 connector on the AKD:

jcoleman02's picture
2 weeks 2 days ago

Connecting to the PDMM

When connecting to a device for the first time, it is often confusing how to set up the initial communications.  Well, the PDMM and the IDE software for KAS make this task relatively simple.  There is nothing difficult about it once you know where to start.

toddevans01's picture
3 weeks 2 days ago

The following is based on what was learned and worked through phone and WebEx support. The conventions in this application note cannot be guaranteed to work with your hardware model or software version. We cannot supply a sample HMI project.

The General MODBUS TCP Master is selected for the driver and the target AKD IP Address is selected. This will need to match your target drive’s IP address. Port No. 502 is the standard port# for Modbus TCP.