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Matthias.Menning's picture
8 hours 2 min ago

In order to use the AKD-N12 continuously with full load, it is needed to ensure a Rthgesamt ≤ 0,2 K/W for the complete system ([1]). The AKD-N without heat sink provides an Rth of 0,05 K/W. Therefor an additional Rth ≤ 0.15 K/W needs to be ensured in order to provide a sufficient heat dissipation. This can be achieved by using a water cooled heat sink.

toddevans01's picture
6 days 16 min ago

Bits 11 “Motion task target position reached” and Bit 15 “Drive actual position is within the motion task target position window MT.POSWND” in the DRV.MOTIONSTAT are very similar.

To clarify behavior, the bits in DRV.MOTIONSTAT (links point to AKD Online Help in a new window) work as follows:

Joe Parks's picture
Joe Parks
6 days 21 hours ago

Below are three embedded videos showing different features of the FFLD or Free Form Ladder Diagram editor in the KAS IDE software that can be used to write PLC code.

The first video shows shows how you can organize your code into separate networks, different options to add comments to your code, and how to add the different types of contacts and coils available.

toddevans01's picture
2 weeks 4 days ago

A typical need is to transfer parameter settings from one drive to its replacement/spare.This could be from a file that is already archived or there may be a need to upload the parameters from the original drive to file first and then connect to the new/spare drive to download the same setup.

It is important to note the hardware and software ( firmware ) revision, as some settings may not transfer if the hardware and software (firmware ) versions are not the same.