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AKD-C Power Supply

The central AKD-C power supply must be placed in a cabinet. The Decentralized Drive System consists of an AKD-C and AKD-N drives, which are placed near the motor. A single cable connection is realized between AKD-C and AKD-N, as well as between AKD-N and AKD-N using Kollmorgen hybrid cables.

  • Supply voltage range 400 V to 480 V ±10%, 50...60Hz.
  • Mains EMC filter and 24 V EMC filter integrated.
  • TCP/IP service channel 100 Mbit/s onboard.
  • 2 DC power strings for 8 drives each, supporting up to 16 AKD-N Drives.
  • Global STO for every string.

Technical Data

Rated supply voltage 400…480V, 3 phase
Continuous output power 10 kVA
Peak output power 20 kVA
Environmental area IP 20
Size 329x80x198mm³
Fieldbus EtherCAT


Digital I/Os Motion Bus Software Interfaces
  • 1 programmable digital outputs
  • 1 relay output (fault)
  • 1 Enable input
  • 2 STO input
  • 2 STO Status outputs
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Service channel