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AKD & Dunkermotoren Linear Motor

Drive:  AKD-P00306-NBCN-0000, FW
Motor: STA2510S, 51.2mm Pole pair pitch
Feedback: SIN/COS, 51.2mm pitch (one SIN cycle / 1 motor electrical cycle)


  Motor AKD X10
SIN+ Blue 13
SIN- Red 14
COS+ White 15
COS- Brown 16
+5Vdc Yellow 10
0V Green 11
+TH Pink 9
-TH Grey 8
Shield Shield Case
    AKD X2
U phase Black_1 W
V Phase Black_2 V
W Phase Black_3 U
PE Green/yellow PE
Shield Shield PE

Motor data file attached
AKD parameter file attached

Autotuner doesn't like this motor much.  Better results with manual tuning and observer.