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AKD Ethernet IP AKD_Start_MotionTask & AKD_Set_Motion_Task Block

This is a simple RSlogix 5000 AOI block that starts an existing Motion Task that is already existing in the AKD drive.  There is also a block to create MT at any MT number.


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we improve with a odd library, but when accurs a error, the library Collapset ant put the bit ER alwys true.
Have you been any problem with them, I see than the error is for The attribute inside library Set attribute , in the rung of program consult de Axis.ResponseMsgType an this answer 16#40, an then set a bit ER to one.
Do you Know to save it?
best regards
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I corrected the block for the false ER bit and for a "lock up" condition when commanding an absolute move.