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AKD Ethernet IP Cyclic I/O Assembly and Explicit Messaging

In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the different command types supported by the AKD Ethernet IP drive. While the PLC screenshots demonstrate using an Allen Bradley PLC ( Compactlogix in this case ) the methods are not AB specific but part of the Ethernet IP protocol using the AKD Ethernet IP drive. We have not tested nor officially support other Ethernet IP masters beyond Micrologix1400 ( explicit only ), Compactlogix, and Contrologix. If your master supports cyclic I/O Assembly Messenging and you are able to map and establish communications, then this document will likely assist in understanding how to accomplish similar tasks that our AOIs for AB perform.  Again we do not guarantee compatibility except for the AB PLCs listed. If you are using Compactlogix or Contrologix, this application note may help you understand how the AKD Ethernet IP Communications ( and AOIs ) work behind the scenes. After covering cyclic messaging, examples of a read and write parameter via explicit messaging will be given.