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Automation of the AKD Drive with a Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLC and Profinet RT

The following utility provides a connection between AKD servo drive and Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 programmable logic controllers (PLC) using Profinet RT programmed in TIA V13.

The application contains the following functionality:

  • SW Enable/Disable
  • Emergency Stop
  • Reset of drive faults
  • Jog
  • Home
  • Execution of a pre-defined motion task
  • Direct positioning (direct motion task)
  • Read and Write access to the Parameters

AKD - PLC Connection

The axis control is done with one function bloc, which can be used as multi instance.


Direct Parameter access

All accessible PNU's on the AKD can be read or written with a second function bloc.


For more information and source code, download here.


Common issues:

  • iMTNo, This value needs to have the number of the motion task to be executed. If the motion task is pre-defined in the AKD take the number MT.NUM. If the motion task will be setup by the iCmdXXX values the number needs to be 0x8000.
  • The conversion of the unit form Profinet scaling to user unit is tricky due to the fact that different formating give different result doing the same math. Easiest is to always transfer with DINT. So first asigne the value to a DINT variable and then do the calculation according to the manual into a REAL.

here an example for oPosimage

  • For a command send to the drive the same goes the other way round. Do a REAL calculation asigned to a DINT and then move this double integer to the function bloc input.

here an example for iVelCmdimage