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How Many AKT-ECT-000-000 are Required in an Application.

The following are guidelines when determining how many AKT-ECT-000-000  Ethercat Coupler modules are required in a KAS application using Remote I/O. Please note that the AKD-PDMM controller/drive, AKD and S700 drives, and PCMM stand alone controller all contain I/O that could be used in an application.Typically these are used first to minimize overall system cost.

The remote IO configuration for each AKT coupler (AKT-ECT-000-000 ) must not exceed any of the following limits:

- Slice Quantity Limitations - The max number of slices the coupler can have is 64 with 1 of them being an end module (AKT-EM-000-000)

- Data Limitations -The max number of data bytes the coupler can process to and from the Ethercat network is 1024 bytes of input and 1024 bytes of output. THe amount of bytes a paticular slice has in define in the row "Bit width in the process image" in the Specification sheet for each slice

- Power Limitations - Each Bus coupler can provide 1750 mAmp of 5V logic power and 10 Amps of of 24V power for output power.  A Power Feed Module (AKT-PS-024-000 or AKT-PSF-024-000) can be added for an additional 1750 mAmp of logic power and 10 Amps of 24V output power.