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KAS PDMM Controller with a Micrologix 1400 PLC thru Ethernet/IP


This application note outlines interfacing a KAS PDMM controller with a Micrologix 1400 PLC thru Ethernet/IP. The Ethernet/IP format used is Explicit Msg.

Rockwell PLC Project Files



PDMM Setup

The PDMM parameters that are to be read or written across the Ethernet/IP network can be first created in the project dictionary and added or dragged into the Fieldbus screen or they can be added directly to the project from the Fieldbus screen. The following outlines the steps to setup a Ethernet/IP network with parameters transmitted using Explicit Messaging:

  1. The Ethernet/IP interface setup is started by adding a Fieldbus item in the project tree.


  1. Once the Field bus editor is opened the buttons on the left side are used to setup the network:


  1. First select the network type:


  1. Next select the Object Type, Instance, and data size, a description can also be added. In this example Class 15 was used, with an Instance of 1, and a size of 64 (16 bit) integers. “Read only” is not checked to enable both reading and writing to occur.


  1. Next the variables that will be sent across the Ethernet/IP network can be dragged and dropped from the Dictionary. The Offset, Bit, and Format can be set by clicking on the field:


  1. Another option for adding parameters is to right click the selection on the menu bar.



Rockwell Setup

  1. A project was created for the Rockwell MicroLogix 1400 controller.


  1. The Program LAD2 contains 2 rungs, one for sending parameters to the PDMM and another for receiving parameters from the PDMM. Transitioning the input  contact with cause the read or write to occur.


  1. The “Send Param to PDMM” block has the following settings:


           The Data File N7 bytes 0 to 63 stores the data to be sent and received.

  1. The “Get  Param from PDMM block” has the following settings:


The Extended Routing Info File(RIX) must be a different location than the  other Msg block. And it is important that the byte size be the same as in the PDMM


The following shows both the PDMM and the Rockwell running. Note the N7 data file values and the same values in the PDMM field bus screen and the dictionary: