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Move to Absolute Position in Bad Direction

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I do the following move with a ball screw:


I work in absolute mode. (send a CAN command) and the axis is configured in linear POSCNFG 0

When the PMCtendoDD5 is turned off, the PFB position is recovered before the S300 switch off.
I don't make a homing because i work in absolute mode.
for example,  axis is at position  300000 micrometer and i send by CAN an order to go to the position 0 and the axis moves in the wrong direction.
If i make a homing, the axis will go in the right direction. As long as the unit is not turned off, the operation is correct.
Do you have any idea why axis go in bad direction ?
What can I check at the settings and can commands


Hi pwallart,
Just get in touch with you by mail, to clearify some more.

Martin Rupf - Thu, 11/02/2017 - 08:24
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1 Answer

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Using OPMODE 8 and profile position mode the control word bit 6 is to define if a distance is absolute or relative.


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