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PxMM supported Networks (Field Buses)

The following chart outlines the networks (field buses) supported by the PCMM and PDMM and the key  parameters of each.


  Non-Motion Networks Motion Networks
Category Modbus TCP/IP UDP HTTP Profinet Ethernet/IP EtherCAT
Transmission Speed 100 Mbits/sec
Deterministic? No Yes
Hardware Layer Ethernet Technology
Update Rate 20 to 1000 msec down to 1 msec 100 to 200 msec down to 8 msec down to 10 msec 0.25 to 2.5 msec
Support in IDE Dedicated setup screen for mapping dictionary variables to Modbus transmission address. Set of FBs to setup communications and send data in non-string or string format. Setting on Controller Properties in Project view for making all parameters accessible to HTTP link. Can use standard HTTP commands to start and stop a project, and for reading/writing variable values.  Dedicated setup screen for mapping dictionary variables to transmission locations. Dedicated setup screen for mapping dictionary variables to transmission locations. FBs for reading/writing parameters to Drives and third-party I/O: DriveParamRead, DriveParamWrite, ECATReadSDO, ECATWriteSDO. Automatic network setup through scan feature. Screens to setup init and PDO variables. Tools to integrate third-party products. 
Types Supported Slave Only Send or Receive Server Only Profinet IO RT Controller, Profinet IO RT Device Scanner, Adapter, Tag Client CoE (CAN Application Protocol Over EtherCAT)  Master
Documentation Available Yes Yes Yes, includes examples using C# and C++ programming languages Yes Yes Yes
Sample Project Available? Yes, on KDN Yes Yes, on KDN No Yes, on KDN N/A
Transfer Motion? Non-Motion Profile only Yes
Use with PC-based embedded Controller (Developed in VB, VS, etc, and in C#, C++, etc.) Typically not Yes Yes Typically not Typically not No, PDMM is master only
PDMM Connection point Connector X32 Connector X6
IDE Requires Node Config File No Yes
Typical Mating Products Common for third-party HMI interfaces PC-based Controller PC-based Controller Typically used with Siemens PLC Typically used with Rockwell PLC Kollmorgen Drives, Kollmorgen I/O, third-party products

For more detail see the attached document.