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Questions, Discussions, and Feature Requests

In the Community page you'll find links to "Ask a Question", "Start a Discussion", and "Propose a Feature". This topic discusses the purpose and differences between them.

About Community Content

Questions, Discussions, and Feature Requests are, generally speaking, by and for users. Anyone who is registered may make a submission or respond to a post. The Community content is different than what is found in the Knowledge Base, which is official Kollmorgen content.

Ask a Question

Questions are used when you want to get some technical help. Perhaps you need to understand the differences between various hardware, or to understand how a function works. Questions generate case reports which Tech Support can respond to, or users online may respond to.

Start a Discussion

Discussions are similar to the concept of a forum, i.e. they're for whatever you want to talk about. Perhaps you have an interesting project you'd like to share, or want to discuss industry trends, or have some advice.

Propose a Feature

Do you have a great idea? Let us know, we'd love to hear it. This is the place to do it. Other users can vote on your idea ... if we like an idea or see that many users like an idea, it may get developed.

Creating a Post

  1. Go to the Community page.
  2. Click Ask a Question, Start a Discussion, or Propose a Feature.
  3. Add a Title, which should be descriptive of the post's purpose.
  4. Write the post in the Body section. There is a set of WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") tools to help you with formatting the content. It is recommended that you leave the Text format as "Full HTML".
  5. Select Groups audience. This will associate the Article with a product or other type of group. "None" is available for general topics.
  6. Click Save.

More information on Post Creation

For more information, see "Using the Editor" for more information including details on adding images, working with tables, etc.