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UDP communication between a AKD-PDMM and a Rockwell Compact Logix L18ERM

The following utility provides a connection between PDMM multi-axis master and Rockwell Compact Logix L18ERM programmable logic controllers (PLC) using the standard Ethernet/IP UDP protocol programmed in RSLogix V28.011.

The application exchanges the following data:

  • A string of 20 characters containing a text, e.g. “Hello world!”
  • A time stamp configured as DINT
  • A Payload of 100 REAL values
  • A SINT from sender Bit
  • The IP-address of the KAS as string with 20 characters

In KAS a control panel is setup to setup IP address and port and start the communication.

The RSLogix just bounces back the data.

Variable Data type Description
UDP_str_IPaddrKAS STRING IP-address of KAS
UDP_w_PortKAS DINT Port used for UDP communication
UDP_b_CreateMSGSocket BOOL Create a new UPD connection with designated IP-address and port
UDP_b_DeleteSocket BOOL Delete last created connection instance
UDP_b_ReadUDPData BOOL On rising edge read data, on falling edge write data
UDP_by_FromSender SINT Payload from Sender byte
UDP_dw_TimeStamp DINT Payload KAS time stamp
UDP_r_Payload REAL[100] Payload of 100 real values
UDP_str_IPKAS STRING Payload IP-address from sender
UDP_str_text STRING

Payload 20 characters string


More information about the UDP communication with a PDMM controller can be found with the following links.