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Using the Downloads Tool


Finding what you need to download can be a daunting task. That is why we have created the KDN Downloads tool. This simple tool lets you focus on what you're trying to find. The tool has four columns or categories, and a Results section below. Making a selection in a category will modify the Results content based on your selection.

Using the Downloads Tool

Any combination of columns may be selected, but only one item per column may be selected. For example, clicking Product:AKD and Revision:1.11 will display all content (documentation and software) that is available for AKD 1.11. This includes all languages. You can refine your search by adding Language:EN to refine your search to content in English. This will produce a much more manageable list.

The Results List

The results of your search are displayed in a tabular format, displaying the File name, its Language, the File Type, its Size, and its Release Date. The results may be sorted by clicking on any of these except File Type. Each item includes a description. Clicking on the bold blue file name will immediately begin downloading (or opening) that file.