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Verified EtherCAT Masters

Below you can find a list of known EtherCAT Master manufacturers that are already known as being generally compatible from existing applications. These masters are generally working in specific existing applications.

This list does not guarantee full compatibility! Interoperability issues could still occur for specific items!

The intention of the list is to give an indication which masters are generally working. For your specific application the combination and functional requirements should still be tested. If you need further information please contact the Kollmorgen support team. This list will be updated frequently.

Manufacturer Master Description Tested with AKD-P Tested with AKD-C/N
3S Codesys for EtherCAT Yes Yes
AB&T   Yes Open
Acontis EC Master Yes Yes
Beckhoff TwinCAT2 Yes Yes
Beckhoff TwinCAT3 Yes Yes
CNI   Yes Open
ECS   Yes Open
ESA Automotion   Yes Open
ESD Electronic System Design ESD Master + EtherCAT Workbench Yes Yes
Festo   Yes Open
Hilscher CIFX V4 Yes Yes
ISAC   Yes Open
Kollmorgen KAS Yes Yes
Kollmorgen Proteo Yes Open
König PA KPA Master Yes Yes
Lenze 3200C Yes Yes
National Instruments RIO Yes Open
Omron NX701-1700 / Sysmac Studio Yes Yes
Omron Delta Tau Power PMAC Yes Yes
PrimaElectro / OSAI   Yes Open
ROBOX   Yes Yes
SIDEC   Yes Open
SIPRO   Yes Open
TexComputer   Yes Open
TRAMA EtherCAT-Stack Yes Yes
Triomotion MC664 & MC4N Ecat Yes Yes
VISEL   Yes Open