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Could you tell, if there are any rules which make it possible to indicate and unambiguously interpret the writing feedback signals SIN, COS and their differential pairs as A and B, for example SIN+ as A+, SIN-(REFSIN) as A-, COS+ as B+ and COS-(REFCOS) as B- in manuals and documentations to amplifiers or servomotors?

Thank you

A multiturn encoder delivers feedback position in 32 bits format. The lower 20 bits provides single turn information and the higher 12 bits provides the multiturn information.

The 12th bit from multiturn is the sign bit. Hence the complete range of the encoder is from –ve 211 multiturn bits to +ve 211 multiturn bits. Fig. shows an application example where the bit overflow problem occurs on machine power on.


The program calculates the pulses from the secondary FB each scan and and adds to the parameter: A1_X9EncIn. The reason that the calculations are needed in KAS  is because the 2nd feedback that comes through Ethercat changes 0 to 2^31 for each XXXX pulse of input where XXX =Resolution (262,140) in the screen below. Modify Resolution to what makes sense for your application.