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Die bidirektionale digitale Sensor- Schnittstelle BiSS sichert die Kommunikation zwischen Positionsgeber und Messgerät bzw. Antriebssteuerung und überträgt bei Bedarf gleichzeitig Messwerte von bis zu 8 Sensoren.

Für 1 bis 8 Teilnehmer liefert der Interface- Master das Taktsignal zur gleichzeitigen Erfassung aller Positionsdaten sowie für die sich anschließende synchronserielle Datenübertragung. Nur vier unidirektionale RS422-Datenleitungen sind erforderlich; die minimale Slave- Elektronik findet direkt in den Sensor- ICs Platz.


Motor DH061M-13-1320 (link), trying to rule it with Servostar S346. In a documentation of motor it is said just Feedback: Sine Encoder. 

When configuring S346, I picked 4 Sine Enc EnDat as a in DriveGUI utilite. It worked fine for a rather long time.

But recently something happened and now S346 shows error F04.

This article and attached sample KAS project show how to use PLCopen function blocks to teach a position so that an axis with an absolute feedback device will not need to run a home routine to move to a sensor or hard stop each time you power up a machine. In this example, Axis1 does not have rollover turned on so it would be a good example for a motor with a multi-turn absolute feedback device with linear mechanics connected to it.

The bidirectional digital sensor interface (BiSS) safeguards the communication between position encoder and servo amplifier and can transfer measurements of up to 8 sensors simultaneously.

For 1 to 8 participants the interface master delivers the timing signal for the simultaneous recording of all position data as well as for the synchronous serial data transmission. Only four unidirectional RS422 data lines are required; minimal slave electronics finds place directly in the sensor IC.