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I'm using servo drive AKD-P00306.Did anybody have suggestion for shrink tubing profile ? or I have set the limit switches in DI input as one end is Analog sign in control x1 value and the other end is Analog sign in control x-1  value.I know this profile works continuously positive and negative direction.But i want to know that how to stop the drive at one end and start again to continue the profile.



I'm using AKD P-00306 drive connected with linear motion lead screw type one of my project.I'm using analog voltage from my plc (0-10V) to run the drive.

Once it reached the other end,it is running blindly without stopping and also i kept the limit switch to stop the drive but it is not stopping.

I want to know the settings to stop the drive through limit switch in this mode and it should return to the homing reference position

(i.e opposite end where it started ).

I hope you understand my issues.

So,Please give me a suggestion.

What is the refresh rate of the analog input (X8,X24) and analog output(X8,X23) of the AKD-P?