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When using torque mode in an AKD Basic program, you must set DRV.CMDSOURCE=0 (Service) and DRV.OPMODE = 0 (Torque) in the program.

If the program executes an IL.CMDU command while DRV.CMDSOURCE=5, it will throw an F825 Runtime error. The runtime error message says that DRV.CMDSOURCE must be set to 5. This is normal for position control, but for torque control it must be set to zero. The Basic program will continue to run even after the command source changes to Service mode.

I have an AKD BASIC that is using Modbus to communicate with a host HMI.  Initially when I first started the system I would get a F831 error every time.  The error stops the basic program so it is impossible to tell where it is getting caught up.  I have to go in to Workbench, clear the error, and restart the program.  This error tells me to update the firmware, which I have done.

F501, Bus Over Voltage

I have an AKD and AKM with me, my colleague and myself were trying to make the motor move but we kept having issues with fault F501 (Bus over voltage, usually load related). We looked at the fault description and remedy, as well as the wiring but nothing seem to fix the problem. The remedy said to "Reduce load or change motion profile. Check system regen capacity; add capacity if needed. Check mains voltage". The motor has no load and we kept changing the parameters in Workbench to increase the capacity of the drive and motor. Has anyone had this issue before?