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I do a test about Beckhoff CNC Control with AKD EtherCAT. Use our AKD, and Beckhoff TwinCAT platform. Just a test with the help of Beckhoff engineer, not yet to verify all of application situations in a real project, just for your reference.

Below you can find a list of known EtherCAT Master manufacturers that are already known as being generally compatible from existing applications. These masters are generally working in specific existing applications.

This list does not guarantee full compatibility! Interoperability issues could still occur for specific items!

I'm trying to home my motors/drives over Ethercat. For some reason none of my drives achieve a “target reached” status. Object 6041, bit 10 is for “target reached” so I'd like to know if there's a setting to change in the AKD so that bit will turn on. Is there some kind of “position bandwidth” that needs to be increased so the drive believes it's at the target?