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I would like to know how to perform on the fly velocity(rpm) changes over Modbus.  I thought I had the answer but  it's not working as anticipated.

It is an AKD-P01206-NBAN-0000 purchased in the Sept 2017

I am in operation mode 1, Velocity and using Service motions.  The SM.MODE is 2.  I am using SM.V2 to change the speed and have set SM.T2 to 0 to enable continuous running.

The value of SM.V2 is changing but the drive only changes speed if I stop and start again (DRV.STOP, SM.MOV)


I am trying to home the servo motor that is connected to AKD-P drive. Since I am sending the command through Ethernet cable (Modubs TCP), I need the register address for HOME.MOVE, but in AKD user guide under HOME.MOVE parameter section, the table for modbus is missing (Although there is a table for Profinet).

Is there any other way to initiate homing?

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On a rotary application with an absolute multi turn feedback it's possible to run over the feedback unwind. If the gear between motor and application is binary nothing happens. If the application has a non binary gear ratio, the position after a restart of the drive may not be same. To readjust this situation the FB1.OFFSET needs to be corrected. On a producing machine it's not usable if, after every power cycle, an electrician has to recheck the position of the axis. For this situation the following auto correction has been implemented in the PLC code.

An Application between AKD - S1200 PLC is using Modbus for communication.

The user can setup various motion task for the application on the HMI and load them to the drive with a button. Normally this happens while commissioning or if a new product has to be setup. If the motion tasks are stored with MT.SET, they are not stored in the nonvolatile area as with MT.TNVSAVE. So with every start-up of the machine the motion tasks have to be saved again.

Is there any possibility to achieve a save of motion tasks in the nonvolatile memory over Modbus?

Hello !

I'm working on the AKD control by the Labview Modbus communication, and I have a problem with the number format conversion.

For example:

I would like to write/read  the SM.V1  register  (to set the velocity value) and the help says the data type is Float but the the simple 32word to  32float  conversion doesn't work well.

How can I convert the velocity value (100 Deg/sec) to the right Low 32 bit word format to send by Modbus (Address:758)

Thanks in advance !

Regards: Attila