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Our client would like to use a light curtain safety output to enable / disable the AKD drive.  Motion commands will come from a Rockwell Automation PLC via Ethernet I/P.  On the RA drives that they previously used, they could set a parameter so that the drive was enabled as soon as the STO input went high.  Motion commands then could be given to the drive.

From all that we can determine, after STO is re-enabled, the AKD drives enable must be dropped then re-enabled.

Is there a setting that will allow them to leave the enable input on?

Hello, Im Hafiz Alsree working on final-year project about development of counterbalance mechanism for aerospace application in Nanyang Polytechnic.

I have an AKM3e servo motor to pull a load (Elevator application) with AKD-P00306-NBAN-0000 servo drive model.

Problem: Received fault F602 (Safe torque off).

Description: After power on the whole system, AKD has display code of "n6, n0, n2". After initializing settings on NI MAX and enabling Kollmorgen Workbench, AKD display code show "F6, F0, F2".