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Zuordnung von RediMount Getriebedaptern zu AKM Motoren

Welcher RediMount Getriebeadapter passt zum AKM Motors:

We have a customer that will be using AKM's to position an armament for X-Ray inspection. Without too many details on what frequency spectrum and intensity, what kind of precautions can we take to maximize the life of the AKM and cabling? From experience with past inspection machines, our customer is aware that motors will be replaced every couple years.

I have a AKM21G that, according to the selection guide, should have a Back EMF constant of 6.6 (V/krpm) and a line-to-line resistance of 1.44 ohms, both with a +/- 10% tolerance. I had some problems and so I measured the line-to-line and got 1.8 ohms and empirically got 8.8 (V/krpm) for the back emf constant.

Both these numbers are around 25% higher than the published values. Is "AKM-Selection_Guide-en-US_RevB" the latest revision? Is this a known issue?

I have an application for an AKM and Micron gear head that will be run in a pressure vessel. 20 feet below sea level. It will not be exposed to water. What are the options to cool the motor? It may beoversized to minimize generated heat.

Assignment of RediMount adapters to AKM motors

RediMount Adapters that fit to AKM Motors: