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Describes AKD PDMM Faults, warnings, error messages, and alarms. Provides cause and remedy instructions to help determine the specifics of the failure and to correct the underlying problem.
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Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 12, 2016


To view the AKDs alarms on the HMI AKI is necessary to register all alarms of each drive in the HMI Alarm Server and insert code in the PLC source program. This document teaches the use of import tables and PLC source program to facilitate the implementation of alarms in the control project.

Valid for AKD

Operation of the SD card device built into the I/O option board may occur in some Errors. These errors are displayed in the two digit AKD LED display. The coding is E followed by four digits. The errors are shown twice in the display, They are not permanently displayed.

Valid for AKD-M (AKD PDMM)


The two digits LED display indicates the messages of the drive. Fault messages are coded with "F", warnings are coded with "n". See Fault Messages AKD.

The one digit LED indicates the PDMM messages of the controller. Error messages are coded with "E", alarms are coded with "A". See table below.