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This sample project demonstrates standard operation features such as Software Enable/Disable, Setting Up and Commanding a Motion Task, and reading parameters for diagnostics over Modbus TCP ( instead of Ethernet IP ) on an AKD-P drive ( i.e. AKD-P-NBAN, etc. ).


Is there a way to do S Curve Profiling over Ethernet IP with the AKD ( i.e. from an Allen Bradley PLC ) based on there is a S-Curve option in the Motion Task tables. Is there a way to do this over EIP ( send the data table values, etc. )?

How can we take advantage of that feature using EIP as a fieldbus?


The short answer is this cannot be done using the motion tasking drive over Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP for that matter.

The AKD_Move add-on-instruction ( AOI ) has no built-in S-Curve feature or capability.

In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the different command types supported by the AKD Ethernet IP drive. While the PLC screenshots demonstrate using an Allen Bradley PLC ( Compactlogix in this case ) the methods are not AB specific but part of the Ethernet IP protocol using the AKD Ethernet IP drive. We have not tested nor officially support other Ethernet IP masters beyond Micrologix1400 ( explicit only ), Compactlogix, and Contrologix.

The following utility provides a connection between PDMM multi-axis master and Rockwell Compact Logix L18ERM programmable logic controllers (PLC) using the standard Ethernet/IP UDP protocol programmed in RSLogix V28.011.

The application exchanges the following data:

What controllers does the AKD Ethernet IP drive support?

From the AKD RSLogix Communications Manual:


The only AB PLC/controllers we have experience with and support at the moment are:
Micrologix 1400 using the MSG block ( explicit messaging only )
Compactlogix and Contrologix ( also supports our AKD Add-On-Instructions library and cyclic data ).

This article and documentation gives an overview of where to find manuals, support files, sample projects, units scaling and covers some important implementation guidelines.

Since the Ethernet IP standard uses DINT to set the distance or position in the AKD_Move AOI, applications such as rotary indexing tables and conveyors may see math truncation when setting the number of counts required for example 60 degrees when continuously indexing in the same direction. This article provides 3 methods for handling and the prevention of the accumulation of error.

  1. Products supported:
  • Kollmorgen AKD-Pxxxxx-NBEI-0000 Servo drive (Firmware 1.11.x.x, or newer, recommended)
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC and/or Compactlogix PLC
  • Allen Bradley RSlogix 500, 5000 and Studio 5000
  1. Available information and sample code:

There seems to be a race condition with the AKD compactlogix addin block for fault reset.  The Customer has to know to also trigger the drive disable block before they can enable the drive again.  Attached is an improved Fault Clear addin block that both clears the fault and resets the enable bit in the EIP control word.

Simple program template that can be used with RSlogix 5000 version 18, 19, 20.  IP address and PLC type will need to be changed.  There are some notes and a PDF print out zipped with the program file.