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The following link points to an example from the KAS Online Help which discusses process data transferred to the Bus Coupler for variable mapping.

Analog I/O Parameters - I/O Terminals for Variable Mapping

When using torque mode in an AKD Basic program, you must set DRV.CMDSOURCE=0 (Service) and DRV.OPMODE = 0 (Torque) in the program.

If the program executes an IL.CMDU command while DRV.CMDSOURCE=5, it will throw an F825 Runtime error. The runtime error message says that DRV.CMDSOURCE must be set to 5. This is normal for position control, but for torque control it must be set to zero. The Basic program will continue to run even after the command source changes to Service mode.

Gültig für S300, S600, S700

Anwendung (Beispiel)

Für eine Förderschnecke soll mit einem Fahrauftrag die Abpackmenge eingestellt und die Ansteuerung einfach und bedienerfreundlich realisiert werden. Die Menge kann in einem definierten +/- Bereich variieren.

File Description: 
KC1 Servo Drive Firmware Base Analog. Includes NB type for revision 8/9 control board. Note: This firmware complies with recently revised U.S. and E.U. export regulations (E.U. Dual Use Regulation 428/2009, and U.S. Dual-use regulation EAR Category 3 under ECCN3A225).
Release Date: 
Sunday, October 9, 2016

Valid for S300, S600, S700

Application (example)

For an auger the packaging quantity is to be adjusted by a motion task and the control is to be realized simply and user-friendly . The quantity can vary in a defined +/- range.


With a digital input the motion task is started, the motion task selection is done with a framing potentiometer due to the necessary voltage levels.