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This article demonstrates how the analog input and a motion task can be setup so the motion task's target velocity can be set/controlled via the analog input.

Does anyone have any experience with programming an AKD Basic drive to close the position loop based on a external load cell signal? I would like to program a machine using a ball screw mechanism to apply a user entered force on an object.  The force is measured using a load cell (-10.0V to 10.0 Volt signal) and would be wired to the analog input.  The drive would command the motor to turn in the specified direction using a specified acceleration and maximum speed until the desired load (voltage) is reached.

I'm using an AKD 306 in a simple camera track setup. Foot pedals provide +- 10v for velocity setpoint. We set software limits as endstops.

When the camera reaches a limit it causes an n107/n108 Fault and the system decelerates at cs.dec (1000 rpm/s). The problem I'm having is that

under certain circumstances, for example a quick change in direction near a limit, it appears that drv.dec(500 rpm/s) is used and the camera

This article refers to G&L PiC application note AN000015 and describes analog input module initialization information.

The analog input module is used in conjunction with the functions A_INCHIT (analog input channel initialize), A_INCHRD (analog input channel read) and A_INMDIT (analog input module initialize).