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The KAS PxMM Controllers contain a built in webserver for access to the PxMM without having to work through the IDE. Functionality include:

When Auto start is enabled and PDMM is power cycled, some systems experience E33 error. On restarting the application this error goes away. On further investigation, we found that this error is occurring due to the different boot delays involved with the AKDs and the PDMM. The AKD boot up time depends on the type of feedback and the other configurations of the drive.  When this delay is long enough, if the PDMM boots up and acquires the IP address, it tries to initialize the network. But since the AKD is still booting up, it cannot respond to the PDMM commands.

There are two methods to run a program stored within the SC950 servo controller.

The first is to Select Run from the Compile Menu and press <F5> or click on the Compile icon.

The second is to set Autostart  = 1.

You may do this by going to the Variables Screen window (located under the Compile menu) and typing the command Autostart in the variable/Expression field.  The center field will display the current value.  Enter a 1 within the bottom field.

Upon cycling AC power the drive will come up running the program.