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Renishaw BiSS C Absolute Encoder "Resolute" has 3 kinds of resolution 18, 26 and 32 bits per rev. Does AKD work for all resolution?


We are going to use biss-c encoder on TBM(48Vdc) motor.


We received a reply several days ago that the biss-c encoder can be used on AKD drive.


So we chose to use MBA 18B which corresponds with RA 18B as shown in the picture above.

Isn't there a problem when we use MBA 18B on AKD?


I'm Seunghyeon Ryu from GMS.

I want to use Biss C(17bit Rotary) Encoder for S200 Drive.

is that possible to use?

If it is possible, i want to know that there is firmware for that.

Please give me a information.

Best regards..

This article describes nuances between Renishaw's encoder signal naming convention and the AKD Installation Manual's convention.


The AKD makes the setup more convenient for the user by not requiring them to convert the BiSS encoder’s bit resolution.  When using a rotary Renishaw BiSS C encoder the parameter FB1.ENCRES always requires the value 4294967295, which is (2^32) – 1.  The parameter BISSBIT does have to configured by the user to the bit resolution of the BISS encoder.