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When using torque mode in an AKD Basic program, you must set DRV.CMDSOURCE=0 (Service) in the program.

If the program executes an IL.CMDU command while DRV.CMDSOURCE=5, it will throw an F825 Runtime error.  The runtime error message says that DRV.CMDSOURCE must be set to 5.  This is normal for position control, but for torque control it must be set to zero.  The Basic program will continue to run even after the command source changes to Service mode.

ECAT  (Ethercat) Object 6077 is part of the standard ECAT PDO mappings to KAS from the AKD drive. From the PDO section tab of an AKD axis in an an IDE project.


Limiting  AKD Velocity While In Torque Mode

Parameter IL.VLIMIT has been added to the AKD firmware to limit motor velocity while operating in torque mode. Setting it to a non-zero value will limit the velocity - in torque mode only - to the range of -IL.VLIMIT to IL.VLIMIT. The parameter IL.VLIMIT was released in firmware 01-14-04-00 beta on April 16, 2016