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Question: Does the AKD BASIC drive provide built in homing modes like the HOME.MODE features presented in Workbench on the Home screen in the other AKD variants?

Answer: The AKD-T BASIC drive does not provide preconfigured Home Routines to select in the WorkBench GUI.  Users can write their own Home Routines in their Basic program.

What are the basic differences between the AKD-B, AKD-C, AKD-N, AKD-T, AKD-P? For somebody fairly new to the industry like me, I would be nice to be able to explain the features, advantages, disadvantages to customers. The Kollmorgen website talks about its great features, but does not tell me what applications are appropriate for each drive. Not only will the drive be appropriately selected, but also will save the customer hundreds of dollars. If I can also get application examples that would be very helpful as well.

File Description: 
This spreadsheet shows the conversion from OC950 (SC950) programming commands to AKD Basic commands.
Release Date: 
Thursday, February 12, 2015

Camming in AKD-Basic